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13 New Year's Resolutions of Famous People

You can learn a lot about someone via their list of resolutions. How they view themselves, how they will be wasting time and money over the next few months before reverting to their old bad habit.


34 Famous Movies That Would Be Better With Animal Actors

Why should Disney be have all the fun when it comes to remaking classic stories with adorable anthropomorphized animals in the leading roles?


The 20 Most Viral Photos of the Upcoming Year

The internet is fairly predictable. We can't see into the future, but it's a pretty safe bet that this year's shocking scandals will be in the same genre as those of years past. With that in mind, we asked you to show us the scandals everyone will claim we never could have seen coming.


If People Actually Said What They Really Mean

if the subtext of everything you said appeared neatly translated in the moment you said it. White lies would disappear overnight, sexual innuendo would never go unnoticed, and you would actually be able to use sarcasm around your parents, Germans and people from the deep south.


The 17 Worst Christmas Specials Possible

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What would've happened if tech developers called it a day half way through creating our most iconic devices?


If Holiday Cards Were Allowed to Kick Ass

We asked our readers to show us what some holiday cards would look like from folks who needed custom pants to fit their over-sized jingle bells.


The 22 Worst Possible Taglines for Upcoming Movies

It can't be easy to summarize what's great about a movie with just a title, poster and tagline. We asked our readers to show us just how hard it can be by coming up with the worst possible tag lines for movies due to come out over the next few months.


19 Famous Advertisements (Revised for Accuracy)

We asked you to play teacher with some of the most famous ad campaigns of all time, correcting them while showing your work so they can see exactly where they went wrong. Because, how else are they going to learn what they did wrong?


13 Emails That Shed New Light on Famous Scandals

With CIA operatives now getting busted via their gmail accounts, we started wondering why people haven't been poking around in inboxes all along.


If Movie Sequels Totally Switched Genres

The Rocky franchises went from gritty, slice of life drama to hilariously over-the-top 80s action flicks somewhere between the first and fourth installments. Why'd we stop there?