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The World of Today (Minus One Crucial Invention)

What would the world look like if the invention that you rely on most on a daily basis had never been invented?


29 Video Game Characters That Would Be Horrifying in Reality

Video games do a pretty good job of avoiding the uncanniest corners of the uncanny valley. But if you spend enough time in one, you can't help but wonder how the characters you encounter there would translate to the real world.


22 Creative Ads for Illegal Activities

Advertising is one of the few industries where creativity seems follow the money. Super Bowl ads are the most expensive, and usually the most entertaining of the year. We asked you to show us what the ad would look like if criminals could throw money at ad firms instead of laundering it.


23 Popular Websites (10 Years from Now)

If we asked someone in 2002 what they thought the Internet would look like today, they'd probably guess we'd all be


If Politicians Ran On Issues the Internet Cares About

Obama may be the most tech savvy president to date, but his laughter at the prospect of marijuana legalization would seem to suggest he's not exactly worried about what the Internet thinks. We asked you to show us what elections might look like if politicians actually catered to the prevailing internet opinions at any given moment.


27 Great Characters Improved by Jumping to Other Movies

We're all for originality. But we're also for every director asking themselves, 'What if we swapped in John McClane?' the night before their movie started shooting. We asked you to show us what would happen if movies borrowed great characters from other films. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...


If Famous Pictures Were Used in Ads for Modern Products

We've seen Apple use famous images of visionaries in their ad campaigns. Here's what would happen if every modern product took that idea way, way too far.


17 Video Games in Venn Diagram Form

Most forms of entertainment come down to combining and recombining the same old ideas. Video games are a breath of fresh air in that respect. The fact that they're constantly working with new limitations, combined with Japan's influence have made it the source of some pretty startling originality. That hasn't stopped them from using the


If Stupid Movies Were Remade as Oscar Bait

With a slew of critically acclaimed sequels in 2011, Hollywood appears to be taking stupid movies very seriously. While they probably won't win any Oscars, seeing a Planet of the Apes prequel on The New Yorker's list of the top 10 movies of the year made us wonder what it might look like if Hollywood started remaking its stupidest movies with award


22 Internet Memes That Will Baffle Future Historians

As we've pointed out before, we're going to leave a lot of confused historians in our wake. We asked you to show us what sorts of bafflement will greet scholars of the future if they bother trying to understand the internet.


The 17 Most Disappointing Moments of the Next 12 Months

Whether politics or apocalypse, 2012 is like the Miami Heat of new years. It began announcing itself well before it was appropriate, telling us that it would be the most important twelve months since we started tagging them with numbers. We asked you to show us all the different flavors of disappointment we'll be experiencing in our pre-ordained la