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19 Wonder Drugs We'd Actually Like to See

Look, we're all for making sick people feel better, but 'wonder drug' is way too awesome a phrase to be wasted on mere healing. You say those two words together, we want at least one super power, even if it's a shitty one. Anything besides a pill that gives old people boners.


If Objects Got the 'Toy Story' Treatment In Every Movie

Some movies would be over much more quickly. Others would just be sad.


16 Video Games of the Distant Future

This week, game developers and software companies are revealing what the games we'll be playing in our living rooms and parents' basements next year will look like. We decided to take us a step further, and show us the games we'll be playing in our living rooms 15 and 25 years down the line.


Famous Fictional Children As Grown Ups

What happens when those irascible little goofballs we grew up watching on TV and in movies get older.


If Every Job Was Decided by Election: 17 Campaign Ads

How long would it take you to hire a PI to look into the skeletons in the closet of the guy who's up for the same promotion as you?