From a vantage point where I can see who is looking at my fucking profile

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Ian Bristow
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March 24, 2010

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July 28th 2010
August 13th 2010

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July 19th 2010
June 26th 2010

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August 13 2010
August 9th 2010
July 19th 2010
July 11th 2010
July 3rd 2010
June 25th 2010
May 21st 2010

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August 14th 2010
July 30th 2010
July 13th 2010
July 11th 2010
June 19th 2010
May 5th 2010

I hate tomorrow! I hate it so much!
I try to make sure I'm Canadian before I poke fun at Canada.
Also, on a further note: I have started a T-Shirt design and production company. We don't design anything, or have any T-Shirts, or have any employees, or a T-Shirt company, but at least I filled this box with words.

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