Dubbinshire (see above)

Real Name:
Lord Woodeye of Dubbinshire
Member Since:
September 18, 2009

About Me

I am a retired pornographer (semi-true, I once sold cartoons to Larry Flynt). With my vast earnings I purchased an estate (3/4 acre lot) in the mid-west and named it Dubbinshire. I now make a comfortable living from the large sums of money I earn with my Craption captions. It pays quite well, you know. I seldom get to the Craption site early enough to earn the votes required to win but it's fun anyway. Also, it's fun to, occasionally, f**k with the other hopeful contestants.
I've gotten to a ripe old age and maintained my sense of humor. For that I am both thankful and a pain in the ass to those who fall victim. My current goal is to spend all my money going on cruises to warm places, lurking about in casinos, Mexican bars, topless beaches and the Lido deck.

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