whiteshewolf southern republic of ireland

Real Name: whiteshewolf

Member Since: October 23rd, 2009

About Me:
april maria is my name i am a small, black haired dark brown eyed irish girl with my own pack in kennels around my back garden, white fur sharp teeth and loud spine chilling howls so any stalkers enter at your own peril and if your wondering whats chewing your leg off its lotto, ivor, belle and midge my pet wolves. im into art i paint a lot mostly abstract or natural scenes. i am in college training to be a tailoress and fashon designer but im doing buisness studies part time. i spend a lot of my time sleeping and the rest of it makeing stuff to sell to suplament my measily income (damned recession) i live in the back ends of nowhere by a main road my place used to be a farm but we sold off the land and kept the house so my one time freedom to disapear trough the fields and relax is gone but fuck it life moves on. atleast i have the dogs and my goat and my warm coasy bed to disapear into and go to sleep.