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About Me:
Hi, I'm actually a longtime reader (I started being a regular as early as 2011), but I'm a really recent commenter.

I really, really love Cracked, it is tremendous on so many levels.

But you probably came to my profile to see what I can say for myself, so I'll cut there- I tend to write a lot and ramble when I comment, but I mean no harm! You know how they say an animal is "more afraid of you than you should be of it"? Believe me, you might read something I say and think I'm speaking out of offense- I'm actually still just learning how to get the hang of trying to express myself succinctly and I write so much because I'm frightened of misspeaking.

In actuality, I just like challenging and being challenged, as long as it's done politely.:)

I could just as easily never say anything at all...


... But that would be too lonesome for me. Better I look the fool for a genuine thought I have and want to share, than to regret not saying anything, ever.