omgukilledkenny south park,colorado

Real Name: Hannah

Member Since: June 25th, 2008

About Me: you can tell,i am a huge fan of south park.huge fan as in a loyal south park fanatic,not that i am literally a huge fan in south park,that would be weird. i do not literally live in south park.if you know dipshit about the show,you would know that south park isn't a real city.and you would'nt be a real cartman fan if you didn't know my tagline is a catch phrase of his in an episode.and just because i have kenny for a profile pic doesn't mean i look like's just that my username is omgukilledkenny and all......well that's about me.if you really want to know more about me,try and find me.but of course,if you do find me,you will get kneed in the balls.