missv8girl Melbourne, Australia

Real Name: missv8girl

Member Since: February 18th, 2012

About Me:
Hey, I'm an Aussie girl with a warped sense of humour. If I ask to be your friend, don't be scared. I won't bite. I'll leave that up to my homeland's native critters. They're good at it. I prefer Vegemite on toast. Sometimes with a poached egg on top.

I'm also engaged, 31 years old and a Mum to two kitties, Hemi and Torrie. I love Victoria Bitter and the V8 Supercars, so yes, I think I'm a bogan. But I'm a nice one. Unless you drink my last beer. Then I suggest running far and fast.

Picture is of my friend's current racecar. One day I may even change it!