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September 07, 2010

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I have been an avid reader of Cracked since 2007, but it took until 2010 to occur to me that I should probably become a member.

While I 'pretend' to be a writer/photographer, in actuality I am barely employed, live in a shitty basement apartment in a city I hate, does the occasional photo shoot, and have an unpaid irregular freelance 'gig'. I am a people person who hates people, and my 'life ambition' changes weekly. I have a college diploma in Journalism, and half a college diploma in Public Relations; neither of which I can really make use of in this post-recession economy. Depending on the day I can either be a sweet and caring lovable comfort doll, or an esoteric and sarcastic bitch.

Yep boys and girls...the personal ad pretty much writes itself...

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