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About Me:
Ages ago a conflagration of inter-planetary and inter-dimensional super villains met to discuss plans for their combined empires to take over planet Earth for their own nefarious future plans. The ultimate project involved seizing control of the media of Earth and taking the infrastructure of Earthling Commerce from the inside out. Detailed strategies and brilliant concepts went into this scheme to the point that nothing was left to chance. Every single minute element was covered from inception to conquest and the conspirators were so self-satisfied that many of them bought Hybrid Cars to complete the package.

There was only one problem… the plot had to first be approved by each of the legislative bodies of their wide-spread confederation.

From that point forward the plan stratagem was put through committees, taxed, debated, discussed, stagnated, referred, edited, whittled, spitted, roasted, twisted, rearranged and re-worded until the only recognizable aspect of the final conception (aside from a redistricting of a few voting blocks) was the creation of, the most esoteric website on Earth.

The results were not quite what the original theorizers had hoped for.