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Real Name: Jeff Hill

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About Me:
Jeff Hill graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. A proud alumnus of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity and regular participant of National Novel Writing Month, Script Frenzy, and the Clarion West Write-a-Thon, he is also a past participant of the Nebraska Summer Writers Conference, the Sarah Lawrence College Summer Seminar for Writers in New York, and the Chicago House of Two Urns Winter Writers Residency. His writing style has been compared to the work of Patricia Highsmith, only if she had been male, born now, and grew up reading comic books and watching teen soap operas. His genre has been defined as speculative fiction, magic realism with a touch of dark satire. A staff writer for ComicBooked.com, his fiction has appeared in Weirdyear, Cuento Magazine, Weekly Artist, Writing Raw, Microhorror, Fiction 365, Flashes in the Dark, Postcard Shorts, Static Movement, Eunoia Review, The Cynic Online Magazine, Linguistic Erosion, The Rusty Nail, Apocrypha and Abstractions, and Larks Fiction Magazine. Follow him on twitter @jeffhillwriter.