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About Me:
My name is Josh Sanderford. I’m a single father of three beautiful children (on occasion four……sometimes five). I was born and for the most part raised in Greensboro, North Carolina. I have a habit of going on stage at night and saying/doing things that make people laugh. This has built me a bit of a reputation as a “comedian”. Odd thing is though; I seem to get more work as an actor. I supposed I could interpret that as people would rather pay me to pretend not to be me. Whatever it takes man, whatever it takes.
I have a fan page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Josh-Sanderford/136079619781412 , along with links to some of my early stand up routines. (WARNING: Material is vulgar and unrefined) Feel free to view and “like” to your heart’s content.
My goal in life is to accomplish something amazing so that my offspring are witnesses, and in turn be inspired to not settle for being mediocre.
(Mediocre sounds like a type of pudding)