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Yes, my name is Cherry Greg, and YES, I do live in Japan! And indeed, I've seen most of the weird stuff Cracked has pointed out in the past. I gotta tell you, that stuff is all just footnotes in the weirdness of ALL non-Traditonal/non-Tokyo areas of Japan. (Grumble, Grumble) ****** I hate it when CRACKED puts stuff with racist imagiry and visible shit (Usually animal shit)! Can't you idiots change the guidelines A LITTLE? Oh well, this website is still awesome. BUT I GET ENOUGH-A THAT CRAP DURING MY DAILY ROUTINE! I CAN HARDLY EAT! (Really, you don't need to show it to be funny) ****** My favorite parts of the site are usually photoshop contests or CRACKED Topics. You just love those ADMIT IT! And while I wasn't there for much of the 80's, I gotta tell you, I'm not glad I wasn't. I always love it when an Article involving animated characters or movies is put up. Even when they aren't funny, they're a great read! (Unfourtanetly, now I've taken up some bad habits because of them. Feel free to ask) ******