Parts Unknown

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March 11, 2009

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"If they refuse to understand that the power of the Ultimate Warrior has spread like a virus through the WWF then let them continue to walk as normal as they seem. But if those twenty eight normal men want to have special attractions such as the Royal Rumble then you and I as the Warrior's, the most powerful force in the WWF, will continue to see it only as another challenge, only as another day of combat. Twenty eight of those normal men stacked one on top of another can't come close to the billions and the destinations from parts unknown. You realize, as I do, that the twenty ninth man, you Hulk Hogan, walk with a different force field around you, walk on horizons that are close to where I've been. But no one in the Royal Rumble shall form a team. Every man will fight for what he feels is within himself. And I, the Ultimate Warrior, will fulfill another destiny."

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