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About Me:
Good afternoon, Internet. My name is Broncosox (that is, of course, not my real name, but to be honest, I've never been comfortable releasing personal information to strangers). I am a college student currently living in the beautiful, yet freezing fucking cold, state of Minnesota. I plan on majoring in history (which, as multiple Cracked articles point out, is insanely interesting) and political science (which, as multiple Free Republic posts display, can be interestingly insane).

As for hobbies: basically, I am a sports fan and a movie buff, which is displayed by my avatar (taken from the poster of Zack Snyder's least known film) and username (which happens to be a mix of the Broncos and White Sox...I know, didn't see that coming, right?). I also pride myself in being one of the few non-redneck NASCAR fans in the United States, though that is less of an accomplishment and more of a general anomaly.

I am devoted fan (a connoisseur, if you will) of the art of comedy, which has led me to Cracked. I am also an aspiring (read: excruciatingly inexperienced) stand-up comedian, in case anyone cares about that.

So, yeah, that's basically me in a nutshell. I apologize in advance if this came off as rambling or egotistical, but quite frankly, if there was one place to be egotistical, the "about me" section of my profile is probably the best place to do so.