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Please, if 'debate' to you means: what you put on de hook to catch de fish, then please just ignore anything I say. My patience for fucking idiots has waned.

If you think that pointing out that there are exceptions to a generalization negates the validity of the generalization's use: You're a fucking idiot.

If you think someone making a generalization and then ACKNOWLEDGING that there are exceptions to it is 'backpedaling': You're a fucking idiot.

If you think that when someone makes a lengthy point with which you disagree that you can somehow make it invalid by pointing out a single point you dislike: You're a fucking idiot.

So, to you dipshits, jackasses and god-damned morons to whom the above apply, I'm sure you'll take it as a moral victory when I stop responding to you. Rest assured that it's merely because I've realized that you're as stupid as a person can be while still managing to type, and I've determined to do what your parents should've done when they realized that your brain didn't work properly - I'm ignoring you and hoping you just die.

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