I go to the comment section that bids the highest. So far, they're all tied with $0, but Cracked is the only site that hasn't threatened with a lawsuit. So they're in the lead, and here I am.

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August 26, 2010

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Hi, it's a pleasure to meet you. Oh, me? I am somewhere between a fictional being and that gunky stuff that gets on your playstation controller when you play it too long. Do you know the stuff I'm talking about? It's like this thick gunky...I dunno, paste? But more solid. It's like...it's sort of like, did you ever get those little bits of lint sometimes that get stuck in your butt hairs, and then you pick them out and you're worried that it's poo but then you're all like "phew, heavens to Betsy?," because you're the lame type of person who says things like heaven's to Betsy, but still, you're relieved that it wasn't poo? You know the stuff I mean? Well it's like that except for its on my playstation controller and WHERE IS IT COMING FROM?! So uh...yeah...I'm SVC. Thanks again for letting me take out your daughter.

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