New York (Thanks!)

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Josefina Vineyard
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July 03, 2014

About Me

I've been a fan of Cracked since sometime before or around 2008 but also around that time started to grow to dislike forums for reasons and so I stayed away from the Cracked Forums for awhile.

There was a several month to year long kerfuffle where I needed to constantly borrow money from people inorder to keep up with my rent and I was the told Cracked Forums were a good place to beg for money.

I was able to keep up with my rent thanks to everybody that helped, including the Cracked community, and was eventually able to move to the opposite side of the country of what was siphoning my money.

I was told not to post again until I can say everythings fine, so that's why I'm writing all this in my About Me section instead of in a post. Currently I'm actually in social services housing assistance, living with roommates that aren't horrible, so I'm stable now. Stable, not good. Still struggling to get on federal disability. But, assuming it doesn't take until after my housing assistance runs out, I shouldn't have to borrow money anymore.

Thank you, all of you.

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