Posh_Chaos_Girl Behind you.

Real Name: Posh_Chaos_Girl

Member Since: September 18th, 2008

About Me:
I'm a girl. I totally have a 'gina.

I go to college.

I like to paint.
(I painted the thing I have for my avi)

Quotes I've heard/said or read/typed:
"mother-fucking cock-sucking lesbian pedophile"

"ho fo' sho"
"ho fo' sure"
"ho fo' cerial"
"ho fo' of course"
"ho fo' yes"
"ho fo' si"
"ho fo' seriously"
"ho fo' possible"
"ho fo' proper"

"You're a whore... I love you."

"You lack manhood."

"I masterbate to your eyes."

"Woops sorry, I totally just molested you."


"I will sca-ratch you."

"Doth thee have love for New York?"

"Go get raped in the face."

"I hope you drown in your own semen."

"Your mom."/"Your face."/"You're a face."

:-To the tune of Spiderman Theme Song-
Friendly Neighborhood Rapist"

The end.