PeanutButter I think i am in America somewhere... but they also speak English in... wheres that place? Oh, yeah! England!

Real Name: PeanutButter

Member Since: June 21st, 2008

About Me:
Things i love doing: Staring directly into the sun. Also, chasing lasers and other lights that project on surfaces.

Things i Hate: Baby laughter.

People i appreciate: My doctor. (they both keep me alive)I have a Siamese doctor.

Favorite tool: Ice cream scooper. (I call it a tasty-cold-ball-generator)

Things that make me grumpy:
1) Mystical creature gang fights outside my window, while i try to sleep. Duh, wait 'til the morning.
2) People who don't finish sentences, and

Things that intimidate me: Staplers. Double sided tooth picks.