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About Me:

Yeah, it's the "official" Littlepip. I link here a lot though, so it's cool! I'm giving you Cracked guys traffic!

No, I didn't write Fallout: Equestria, but I am heavily involved with it (obviously), and am friends with the author. I worked for GameSpy during the dot-com-bubble and thus could be considered an ex-games journalist, although at the time, very few people were actually making a career out of it. I still have industry contacts here and there, and have won awards for my maps, mods and other creations over the years. Like anyone else, most of what I've created has been typical, unofficial fan stuff, but some things I've submitted have been implemented into commercial titles by AAA developers like Blizzard & Valve (typically bugfixes).

Basically, I'm that person who has looked at a game I've loved, seen something wrong with it, and then went.. "I can do better." and then actually proceeds to do so, instead of whining on the Internet about it. My most recent project is an overhaul, rebalance and bugfix mod for Fallout: New Vegas, with an incredibly extensive ReadMe, which you can check out here:

Anyways, if you actually read all this, thanks! And feedback on the mod or anything else I've created, so I can make it better, is always welcome!