Laurie Tysinger Thomasville, NC

Real Name: Laurie Tysinger

Member Since: May 21st, 2013

About Me:
I have been passionate about the arts since I was a small child. My motto is : "I create, therefore, I am." I have been involved with many art forms, and have trained others in them, as well.

I sing and play bass guitar, and write much of my own material. I have been involved in a number of musical projects, beginning as a singer and lyricist at the age of twelve. I also utilize my background in dance in conjunction with my music.

I have successfully maintained a consistent seasonal acting job at a well known local haunted attraction since 2006. In addition to acting, I create my own characters, costumes, props, and make ups. Some of my characters have been featured on The Travel Channel, and I have appeared in Haunt World Magazine.

Although I love all forms of writing, my primary goal as a writer is to help instill a love of reading in children from a very young age, as well as get their parents involved, through my children's picture books. I am also endeavoring to design books for older children, and young adults that will keep them reading, or rekindle lost interest.

For the "big kids", I write historical fiction about ancient aliens. I fully intend to one day be the "Dan Brown" of Ancient Astronaut Theories.

I thoroughly enjoy my current duties as Administrator and writer at, and as writer and editor at FullofKnowledge, and ExpertsPages. It is great to have the opportunity to help guide fellow writers in becoming the best they can possibly be.