InfinitySquared An hour north o' Chicago

Real Name: InfinitySquared

Member Since: March 20th, 2009

About Me:
I tend to be a walking paradox. I'm gentle and playful with hamsters and cats, but I keep a pell in my back yard for mace practice. I find the intricacies of classical music fascinating, but I dig gut-busting three-chord blues. I'm a furry, but I'm straight and I don't do drama. I love to grok the maths and sciences and left-brained things, but I love to lose myself in art, music, and right-brained stuff. I'm an atheist, but I pray to Fortuna. I insist that I'm a skeptical freethinker, but I also walk the path of the Shaman. I am a creature of habit, yet I shed my habits on a regular basis to pick up something new. I nitpick my own grammar, but I swear casually. I ponder the subtlest vagaries of epistemology, then in the next breath (or even with the very same one, if at all possible) start making dick jokes. I am usually bright and shiny, but I do balance this with a drop of dark humor here and there.

I'm an autodidact in any field that catches my fancy, and I enjoy mentoring random friends on random subjects. I'm a geek of all trades, master of quite a few, adaptable and handy in a pinch. I know shit.

Music shapes my mind, helps cohere moods and emotions, gives reason when doubt troubles. I am bard, showman, eyes still sparkling with wonder for our odd little world. I am the eclectic eccentric, and I'm not afraid to amuse myself with you as an audience!