HyperNerdGirl Yorkshire, England.

Real Name: HyperNerdGirl

Member Since: November 16th, 2016

About Me:
I've been Aspergers since before it was cool! In my early forties now, in my youth I was a poster child for Aspergers here in the UK. It felt like being labelled a freak all my life was finally paying off!

I get on better with animals than people, dream of having a library with one of those sliding ladders and have an intense love affair with coffee. I once tried going out with someone who exclusively drank tea but I just couldn't move past it.

I refuse to grow up. I don't mind being an adult, even if it does involve bills and other responsibilities. For someone who was bullied from their first day of school til their last and didn't have the most stable home, childhood isn't something I miss but I'm never going to stop watching cartoons, jumping in puddles or giggling every time I see a Uniball pen.

My most important advice to young people is to hang in there. One day, you'll be old enough to cunningly disguise yourself as a grown up, set off an entire shelf full of noisy stuff at Toys R Us, then run & hide round the corner while that bratty little kid kicking everything/one in sight, is scowled at by the security guard.