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3) Become Grand Master of the Universe

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1) I've been trolling around the forums a lot lately. I know some people get very frustrated with seeing their work meet resistance or being denied. We all experience this. We all want people to acknowledge what we've done. However, the way you react to criticism is very important. If you take the defeat and walk away with a good attitude and more knowledge from it, then you become a better writer and you're a better person as a result. If you throw a tantrum, then you've gained nothing because you will only get denied anyways, you lose respect from your fellow writers, and you haven't really understood all that is going on. The critiques we receive are meant to help, not harm. "It's nothing personal. It's just business." So get up, dust yourself off, and try again tomorrow.

2) Be serious with your work. Yes, this is a website dedicated to educating people via dick jokes. But that doesn't mean pulling some topic out of your ass and writing 50-100 words about it is going to be acceptable. This is your chance to bring out the best part of yourself. So take advantage of it and show off just what exactly you're made of.