Ottawa / Gatineau, Canada

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December 15, 2008

About Me

GhostRunner is a collective of entertainers who share the dream and passion of someday having someone rich enjoy our stuff and throw money at us.

Kind of like fully dressed, funny strippers with pens.

Tim started GhostRunner in 2004. GR has undergone many personnel changes but Tim is confident that GR has found the right combination of talents and is proud to share their voices with the world.

Matt is a student and our resident history and political buff. His humor comes from equal parts intellectual posturing, his Guido-ness, his Rugby shirt-wearing obsession and inherent Frat House sensibilities.

Evan is a quarter Jewish and three quarters hulking, gorgeous man-meat. His humor stems from an over-developped passion for all things pop-culture. Not to mention that he's wicked smart.

Alex is the most active female member of GR. Her humors' origins are shrouded in secrecy since, as everyone knows, there are only two funny women in the world (Tina Fey and someone else). GR are convinced that she is at least part man. But the woman part is hot and she is incredibly funny, so we won't dig any deeper lest we scare her away.

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