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According to the PWoT staff, I like to ask for advice and then complain about it. It's interesting how I got an insulting spam post here by oball: http://www.cracked.com/forums/topic/62091/fuckmag-wantsdoes-not-want-your-advice/0 , and when I responded to it, I got the name of the topic changed, moved, and then battered by a slur of insults the mod staff in the HoBP was so happy to jump on.

I love this website, but this forum is a boiling puddle of douche fluids with a few squishy PWoT staff members mixed in. I guess when you can't be a columnist here at Cracked, you achieve the coveted title of "PWoT Moderator". It comes with benefits such as the ability to make "witty" comments about whoever you like - whether it's warranted or not - and then move that topic to further shun that person with pointless rambling on a different, completely one-sided, board. The reason for this is: You're just an asshole - but not a funny one.

You guys are winners, and I hope your lives are filled with purple mountains and dirty blonde wheat fields. Especially oball. His type of pseudo-confrontational anger and robust vocabulary can only come from a long life filled with the sounds of empty lotion bottles and stained carpets absorbing salty tears. I hope the "asshole-nerd" thing works out for you in the long run, really, I do.