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Real Name: Faye ButNot Kane

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About Me:
Hi, I'm Faye. I have a degree in computer science (department valedictorian) and ALMOST one in astronomy, but I just drift through life learning stuff and masturbating because everyone else in the world is either evil or (mainly) stupid, even at the nuclear engineering company which was my last job.

I have autism which means I don't understand why people get mad when all I do is be honest. Would they rather I tell lies? I also don't understand why everybody else treats each other so mean and why they tell lies virtually continuously, like they can't control it. Also, I don't understand normal peoples' jokes and they never understand mine.

Actually, autistic-savant-ism is a special kind of "retarded", where you're really smart in one or two things, smarter than almost anybody, but except for that you're an ordinary retarded person. What I'm smart at is language and complexity.

I designed a neutron monitor (and won an award for it), and did the interface for a gamma ray spectrometer, but just walked out after I talked about something I did one weekend that was apparently "inappropriate", and peoples' reaction freaked me out.

I am HORRIBLY shy (at least I think that's how to describe it. I don't FEEL like I'm shy. I feel like I'm normal and everyone else is monsters). I live by myself with little Mister Kitty, and that's all I want.

Being around people, especially crowds, is very, very confusing and upsetting for me, even if I'm just standing there against the wall, which usually ends up being the case.

The idea that two people of different sexes could be naked in a room, alone, is amazing and fascinating and strange and frightening all at the same time. How could they look at each other? How could they talk? God, I can't even talk to the cashier at the store! The only time I like being fucked is when I'm tied to some guy's furniture and gagged--no talk!

I like the internet because I can learn stuff and because when I DO email someone, I don't have to come up with things to say like I'm on stage, like you do when you talk on the phone.

The word "hacker" used to be noble and good, but now it means "criminal" so I don't refer to myself as that anymore. I went to 2600 meeting once, but they're all pretentious bullshitting lamers dressed in leather costumes.

True Hackers are like Jedi:

-- They only use their Power for good, never ee-ville

-- Just the bad ones get publicity

-- There are only a few, spread across the galaxy

I used to do wikipedia under the name "TechnoFaye" and had about 1,300 edits. But I got thrown out by a guy with an admin friend. The guy got all four of the editors banned who objected to his deleting material by the American Psychological Association from the Race and Intelligence article. Every fucked-up thing they say about Wikipedia admins is true.

But HAHAH! Look what I did to the motherfucker: http://tinyurl.com/finelyfanclub

I sent that link to his fiancee and everyone on his friends list.

I lo™e using truth as a weapon! You can go on a destructive rampage, and it's not only ethically justifiable, it's actually VIRTUOUS!

Justice is whatever would happen if everybody could read everybody else's mind.

And there would be a WHOLE lot more fucking!

I cuss like a sailor because:

1) My hypocritical, psychotic, drunken Mom brought home a lot of sailors

2) I don't like being dainty and feminine

3) I like to shock smug normal people into outrage

4) In college we got high and sat around listening to Richard Pryor CDs, and I got imprinted.

5) I'm officially crazy, and we crazy people DO that

6) I'm emotionally immature (I went into deep-freeze at 13 and only woke up emotionally in 2002, naked and bruised in a stranger's basement. It was a wonderful, almost religious revelation. It made me feel ALIVE instead like an autistic, broken robot, which is how I usually feel.

Even though it hurts, I like receiving anal sex because it's deliciously embarrassing, degrading and humiliating--particularly if it's done to me in front of other people. GOD! Just talking about it gets me rubbin' the nubbin!

I doubt I would be this "intense" (as a job interviewer called me) if I were not completely isolated as a hermit in real life. On the other hand, I don't care why.

I'm a hot-wired, heat-sync, overclocked freq. That's why they call me the recursively enumerated, insufficiently remunerated, double data-rated, triple X-rated, psychoactive, hyperactive, hyperbolic, hypergolic, St. Vitus' dancin', pull down her pants and low-class, kiss-my-ass, underemployed, overjoyed, masterpiece-makin', masturbatin', window ledge over-the-edge, screwy, chiral, downward-spiral, ass upended, fair-weather-friended, 'puter freq, girl geek.

I live naked in a cave in the woods, where I steal electricity and have wireless broadband. Pix of me on my blog://tinyurl.com/kanecave. And yes, I HAVE let my readers fuck me.