Draganeel In a bathtub.

Real Name: Captain Scrotum!

Member Since: March 30th, 2012

About Me:
hello! I am a fairly new member of cracked and a purveyor of dick jokes. I am inspired by Seanbaby and decided to join and write for cracked because of him.(so blame him if you hate me)

I will write mostly about games and weird, creepy things. Sometimes I will make a dick comic too.. but those are all thoughts of the future

I terribly miss slaughtering a few thousand zombies and making death portals with my steam buddies. Ever since my dad lost his job, we needed every penny we could, so my computer had to go. If you enjoy reading my articles and want me to keep writing more in the future, please please consider donating by paypal to "srizank@gmail.com"

ps:- writing all of this on my phone. And I have not written a single article yet