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Real Name: Darkman

Member Since: October 9th, 2007

About Me:
Hi, I'm Darkman. Friends tell me I am dark and mysterious.

I have spent the majority of my working life as a scientist. I'm currently working on synthetic skin to aid burns victims, and I'm making some progress but I'm still way off. PM me if you're interested in science and would like to talk more about it, and especially if you are also a scientist. I like talking to those in my vocation.

I've had my fair share of tragedy in my past. I'm open about the events of my life, but I'd appreciate it if it wasn't brought up all the time. I think that you'll find that while I'm a listener, I don't probe people for information that they may not want out there, and I appreciate people who also show that courtesy.

I like to stick up for my friends, and what is right. You'd be very lucky to have me on your side. But I have been known to overreact when mad.