ColonelOrnery Georgia, U.S.A.

Real Name: Colonel Ornery

Member Since: June 7th, 2010

About Me:
Not much new to say, but I was in a bit of a different state of mind for sure when I originally wrote my "About Me".

My Tumblr is .
You can visit my blogspot if you'd like, but I haven't updated it in years. The address for it is below.

This is the old "About Me":

"Yes, a colonel does serve as my avatar.
He looked 'sorta ornery, so I decided it was best to use him.
And he also shares my last name.

I like "The King and I" and The Prodigy.


(I actually have a wide variety of interests, but those are the items and people that never bore me. Perhaps some day I'll type that long list of every DROLL thing that amuses me.)

I hate Thomas Edison.
I disliked the man before I even knew he did not actually create the lightbulb.
It is strange hating a dead man.
I wonder if he cares?
Probably not.

I'm currently on summer break, but I don't really write things on here much. Lately I've just been reading articles.

You can find me here:
And this is my silly little tumblr:"