CDJW1776 Birmingham, Alabama

Real Name: Carol Wild

Member Since: June 22nd, 2017

About Me:
I contributed weekly articles to a local newspaper while attending high school.As a senior, I became editor of the high school magazine, the "Bagpipe."

One month the printing press stopped.To my horror, I was stalked, or "Bagpiped," between classes by angry mobs,waving saved dollars in my face,demanding answers. How readers can turn.

In college I wrote for the " Auburn Plainsman." Thankfully, I was not ranked high enough to be "Bagpiped."

In 2015, I had the honor of performing, with other storytellers, in an amateur storytelling night.ARC stories does a great job on these monthly events. Check it out!! Charities receive partial proceeds.

I was blessed to have a close, encouraging friend in high school who helped me smile through my many depressive bouts.In turn, I tutored him chemistry in my back yard. On swings and benches, we laughed and traded atoms at the same time.. I was the one who gained the most from our friendship.Ben (not his name) grew to become a renowned chemist at the UAB medical complex.

Unfortunately, Ben succumbed to AIDS in the eighties, when the disease was so poorly understood. The young chemist did NOT " go gently into that good night."

To my high school friend, I dedicate any time I make someone smle when I write.

Just aa he did for me. Time and time again.