Fuck you, that's where.

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Marshmallow King XXX Infinite Asteroid Cataclysm
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February 13, 2011

About Me

I'm a guy. I hate pretty much everything except fun stuff, interesting knowledge, cool people and junk food. I hate my legitimate family. My friends are my family. Brothers and sisters. Time after time.
Are you still reading? Creeper.
My favorite colour is black. I'm pale. And emo. And flirt alot.
But I'm also eccentric. I'm Aquarian. And 17. But I act like I'm 11 sometimes; and 23 at other times. I like to think I have friends. But life could all be an illusion. Maybe no one exists. Science and knowledge and facts could all just be fiction. Even YOU might not EXIST.
I can be perky. I can be rude. I'll try not to be.
I hate drugs. I don't approve of such usage.
I love the internet. And I love music. I love to sing.
Especially in Rockband and Guitar Hero.
I love to write. And I love to play video games.
Haters gonna hate. Don't divide by zero. Kthxbai.

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