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Dear Customer,

Congratulations, You have just acquired your very own Animautomatron service bot! We hope you find out as soon as his systems are go that you have made a wise and not at all frivolous purchase. Get ready to enjoy complete and total efficiency in any menial chore you decide to give him, and one full half hour of battery life! Just remember, there is no possible way that this machine can gain self awareness and override every totally nonexistent damper placed on the weapons this machine is not equipped with, tactical battlefield programming and high speed adaptation modules not programmed into its system memory, and intense mental, physical and emotional manipulation capabilities this machine does in fact have no way of using on humans.

So go ahead and ask for a favor, your new metal friend is guaranteed to help, and remind you how beautiful, intelligent and rich you are while he does it.


R.T.O.T.W. International