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Real Name: Alison Emmert

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About Me:
I'm a 25 year old special-effects make-up artist (yes, really) living in Orlando, Florida. I'm originally from Indiana (from a I consider myself a country girl...not redneck, mind you.) I went to college in Tennessee and received a BA in History. I do plan to eventually get a Ph.D in history or archaeology, but I need to earn money for that. Perhaps some Cracked articles can help! Who knows?

I have over 600 hours of training in make-up artistry from Joe Blasco Make-Up Artist Training Center, and I'm currently earning a grand total of $0 per year doing free film work. I'm working on changing that, though.

I lived in France briefly as an Au Pair, and I speak enough to translate for some people and communicate relatively easily. Sometimes.

Anyway, I love writing...making lists...and talking about myself. Which is odd, since I have awful self-esteem. *shrugs* The mind is a funny thing.

I'm a redhead. Enough said.

I'm idealistic and about as ridiculously fearless as you can get...except for snakes. Seriously. Just big worms or pictures of snakes freak me out...but honestly, a serial killer with spiders and dressed like a clown wouldn't phase me. Although I've never understood the appeal of clowns or magicians. Especially magicians. Never liked them.

I'm obsessed with Phantom of the Opera, and I always have a book with me. My sign is Pisces, and I'm single. Although I tend to only be attracted to facially disfigured older men. It's a type.

Anything else? Just ask!

Love and Fried Chicken,