16 Real Places That Will Give You Nightmares

We know what you’re going to say. “Oh, Cracked, you don’t know me. My brave butt would thrive in some abandoned, supposedly haunted site as long as it has good Wi-Fi, dammit.” Sure, our fearless and courageous ones. But wait until the sun sets, and you and your brave behind get stuck in a place like:


 Wotton-under-Edge, England - The haunted Inn - The Ancient Ram Inn might look like a quaint and quirky little house, but it’s believed to be home to Sources: The Travel Channel, BBC


 Adams, Tennessee - The Bell Witch Cave - Most caves can be pretty scary, but the legend of a dark witch who tormented the Bell family in the 19th cenSource: Bell Witch Cave


 Venice, Italy - The haunted island - Poveglia Island is technically off limits to visitors, and the site was once a home to those quarantined and dyiSources: Huffington Post, Real Islands Way More Terrifying Than The One On ‘Lost’


Cluj-Napoca, Romania - The Bermuda Triangle Forest - The twisted trees of the Hoia-Baciu forest makes it a unique but eerie site. It’s also believed tSource: Atlas Obscura


Buenos Aires, Argentina - The city of the dead -  La Recoleta Cemetery is as impressive as it is morbid, with a tragic legend of a woman who was burieSource: The Culture Map


Parikkala, Finland - The strange sculpture garden - Around 500 concrete figures stand in the garden of the late artist Veijo Rönkkönen. Most of them aSource: Atlas Obscura


Kutná Hora, Czech Republic - The chapel of human bones - Back in the 13th century, people regarded the site as holy ground, and everyone wanted to be Sources: Atlas Obscura, The 6 Creepiest Places On Earth


Kempton Park, South Africa - The haunted hospital - A hotspot for ghost hunters, the abandoned Kempton Park hospital has been closed since 1996, but aSources: ENCA, MysteriesRunsolved


Sagada, Philippines - Dead people hanging from a cliff - In coffins, that is. Coffins they made themselves before they died. It’s a nice little ritualSource: 6 Creepy Places Where Dead Bodies Just Lay Out In The Open


Old Town, San Diego - The Whaley House - Built on the grounds of San Diego’s old gallows, the Whaley House is said to be haunted with chandeliers swinSource: Whaley House Museum


 Nagasaki, Japan - The abandoned island - Hashima Island, also known as Gunkanjima, used to be a coal mine facility but now lies abandoned like a ghosSource: The 6 Creepiest Places On Earth (Part 2)


Coolderry, Ireland - The Castle of murder - Leap Castle is said to be the home of a whopping 19 ghosts. It has a history of clan battles and familial Source: Irish Central


Palermo, Italy - The Capuchin Catacombs - Or the creepiest catacombs of them all, as the monastery is adorned with mummies dressed in fancy wear. TherSource: Atlas Obscura


 Louisville, Kentucky - Waverly Hills Sanatorium - The sanatorium housed dying patients during the tuberculosis epidemic that swept through the US earSources: The Real Waverly Hils, The 6 Most Terrifying Places On Earth To Be Stranded