22 Kinda Gross Facts About The Human Body That'll Make You Feel A Little Uncomfortable

Let's all just agree to kick off Halloween early this year: it's time to get freaked out about this inescapable flesh vessel we've all been saddled with.

The human body is an incredible, horrifying machine. Here are some facts about it that will give you that icky my-bones-are-wet feeling:


Your kidneys are tasting your pee for toxins. You actually have taste and smell receptors in yOur kidneys, heart, and red blood cells. NOW YOU KNOW CR


Sunburn is your skin bravely killing itself. The sun has altered your cells' DNA, SO they commit suicide to avoid becoming cancerous. NOW YOU KNOW CRA


Our brains pushed our wisdom teeth aside. The brain takes up space that the mouth used to occupY. Your teeth just never got the memo. NOW YOU KNOW CRA


One of your nostrils isn't working right now. Your autonomous nervous system makes them work in shifts, sO they don't dry out. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED CO


You could have fought cancer and beat it - without knowing. Your cells are constantly culling themselves to stave off cancer. Imagine how many close c


Your stomach isn't where you think it is. Liver Stomach Small intestine itine It's closer to your nipple than to your belly button. NOW YOU KNOW CRACK


Almost none of your body is permanent. Only a few cells in your eyes, heart, and brain will be with you your whole life. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM


Your oldest body part is your butthole. Your anus is the first thing that develops in the womb. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM


Pee may be the cleanest thing that comes out of you. Fresh pee is definitely cleaner than the spit in your mouth. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM


Your discs don't slip, they rip. A slipped disc is a misnomer; it's actually a shredded, bulging mass of tissue. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM


You lose bones over the course of your life. You'll likely die with 96 less bones than you started with. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM


Your cornea has no blood supply. It's the only organ that harvests the oxygen it needs directly from the air. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM


When you blush, your stomach lining is turning red too. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM


Earwax is sweat. The base compound comes from a modified sweat gland. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM


A fetus can loan stem cells to its mother. If a pregnant mother experiences organ damage, her fetus will send stem cells to help with the repair. NOW


Your own gut bacteria will start eating you four minutes after you die. These bacteria have no loyalty. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM


There are mites in your eyelashes. Demodex mites aren't harmful, but they are... y'know, mites. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM


There are exactly O muscles in your fingers. You're just operating ten little marionettes with the muscles in your palms and forearms. NOW YOU KNOW CR


Transplanted kidney When you get a kidney transplant, they just leave the old one in there. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM


You are currently bioluminescent. It's just too faint for the human eye to detect. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM


It's possible to diet SO hard, your brain starts eating itself. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM


You're more bacteria than human. You have 10 times more bacterial cells than human cells in what you once thought was your body. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKE

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