21 Dog Facts That Are Pleasant As Hell

Who's a good boy? You are! And you deserve nice things at least some of the time. Here are 21 just plain ol' nice facts about our favorite furry friends, doggone it.


WAGGING HAS DIFFERENT MEANINGS DEPENDING IF IT'S ON THE LEFT OR RIGHT. Dogs wag to the left when they have positive emotions and to the right when theSource: EurekAlert


DOGS CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WORD MEANINGS AND DINTONATION! Older dogs can't tell words apart as well as younger ones. Source: EurekAlert


A SCIENTIFIC STUDY SHOWED THAT DOGS CAN FEEL JEALOUS. Studies involving other emotions have had inconclusive results. Source: CNN


DOGS' PERSONALITIES CAN CHANGE OVER TIME Owners have a major influence on their dog's personality. Fear and anxiety, however, are personality traits tSource: EurekAlert


DOGS CAN COUNT UP TOFOUR OR FIVEO 00000 S Dogs can also learn simple arithmetic. COM Source: APA


DOGS POOP IN ALIGNMENT WITH THE EARTH'S MAGNETICFIELDS. They also prefer to poop with their bodies aligned with a North-South axis. CRACKED.COM Source: Frontiers in Zoology


DOGS HAVE EVOLVED A SPECIAL MUSCLE TO MAKE THEM LOOK CUTER TO HUMANS. Dogs can widen their eyes in ways to look more pathetic to humans. Wolves don't Source: PNAS


IN 1888, OWNEY THE DOG WAS THE FIRST POSTAL SERVICE MASCOTo Owney loved the smell of mail bags and followed them onto mail wagons and trains. EventualSource: Postal Museum


THE AVERAGE DOG CAN UNDERSTAND 165 WORDS. Very intelligent dogs can learn up to 250. CRACKED COM Source: APA


SCIENTISTS THINK NEOLITHIC DOGS LOOKED LIKE THIS. The Historic Environment Scotland made this (very handsome) facial reconstruction from a skull burieSource: National Museums of Scotland


DOGS CAN READ HUMAN EMOTIONS. In one study, dogs were able to the match vocal and visual expressions of humans. CRACKEDCON COM Source: Science


DOGS SWEAT oUT OF THEIR PAWS. Dogs' merocrine glands are located in their paws. If dogs sweated out of other parts of their body, the sweat would be aSource: AKC


YOUR DOG'S SENSE OF SMELL IS 10, O00 TO 100,000 TIMES MORE SENSITIVE. The next time your dog lets one rip, just know they are being punished that muchSource: News Observer


THIS ROCK ART IS BELIEVED TO BE THE EARLIEST DEPICTION OF DOGS. Believed to be more than 8.000 years old, this rock features dogs on their way to becoSource: Science Mag


SIMILAR TO OUR FINGERPRINTS, DOGS HAVE UNIQUE NOSE PRINTS. Some kennel clubs (and a few start-ups) have used nose prints as a way to identify lost dogSource: News Observer


YOUR CHOICE TO OWN A DOG IS PARTLY HEREDITARY. According to one study, genetic variation explains more than half of the variation in dog ownership. CRSource: EurekAlert


GAZING INTO YOUR DOG'S EYES HAS MUTUAL HORMONAL EFFECTS. Both dogs and owners experience a significant increase of oxytocin levels after staring into Source: Science Mag


DOGS ARE MORE LIKELY TO BE REBELLIOUS DURING THEIR ADOLESCENCE. Like humans, dogs are more likely to experience heightened conflict during puberty. CRSource: Smithsonian Magazine


LIKE HUMANS, DOGS ARE USUALLY LEFT- OR RIGHT-PAWED. That's paw-sitively cute as hell. CRACKED.COM Source: Mental Floss


RESEARCHERS HAVE ANEW FORMULA TO FIND OUT A DOG'S AGE IN HUMAN YEARS. The updated equation is human years = = 16 In (dog's age) + 31 CRACKED COM Source: EurekAlert


THREE DOGS SURVIVED THE SINKING OF TITANIC Two Pomeranians and a Pekingnese made it aboard lifeboats. CRACKED CON Source: AKC