20 Products We Can Thank NASA For

NASA's research has helped to develop many everyday products here on Earth. Read below to find out about 20 products that were invented because space travel exists.


ATHLETICSHOES The process used for astronaut helmets is now used in tennis shoes. Former NASA engineer Frank Rudy pitched a shock absorber that would Source: NASA


CARDIAC PUMPS peoong NASA used technology that imitates fluid flow through rocket engines to keep heart patients alive while they wait for a heart donSource: Mental Floss


Ear THERMOMETERS Originally made to check the temperature of the infrared information of celestial objects, the technology was ON modified to measure Source: Mental Floss


MEMORY FOAM Originally developed for the shock absorption and comfort of airplane seats, memory foam is used in everything from helmets to mattresses Source: Mental Floss


WIRELESS HEADSETS NASA, along with two airline pilots, developed a hands-free communication device for astronauts during the Apollo and Mercury missioSource: USA Today


HIGHWAY SAFETY GROOVES Initially made for NASA runways, these grooves help to reduce hydroplaning on many roadways and airport runways. CRACKED COM Source: NASA


INSULIN PUMP ACT The technology for these pumps, which eliminate the need for daily insulin injections, was first used on the Mars Viking spacecraft. Source: NASA


CORDLESS POWER TOOLS AH 18.0v ERTOTS Cordless power tools were developed during the Apollo project in order for astronauts to be able to do repairs inSource: NASA


INVISIBLE BRACES Polycrystalline alumina was originally made for heat-seeking missile technology, but NASA helped to apply it to smile technology. Source: Mental Floss


FIREFIGHTING EQUIPMENT SUIUGNTI The technology and material made for spacesuits have been used for firefighters' suits. CRACKED COM Source: USA Today


LASIK EYE SURGERY Technology used to track astronauts' eyes in space is now used in LASIK surgery to track the patient's eyes. CRACKED COM Source: USA Today


BABY FORMULA NASA contracted Marietta Laboratories to create a space food with microalgae. Instead, they ended 270 .lllb'l''li'! up making 240 technolSource: WIRED


BUILDING SHOCK ABSORBERS Shock absorbers now used for buildings and bridges for stabilization during earthquakes were originally used to protect equipSource: USA Today


SCRATCH-RESISTANT LENSES NASA'S Lewis Research Center developed a technique to create a hard coating for aerospace systems, which is now used for glasSource: NASA


FREEZE DRYING TECHNOLOGY During planning for the Apollo missions, NASA developed freeze drying which allows food to maintain nutrients with less weighSource: Spinoff


SUPERSOAKER NSR SUPER SOAKER XP100 Okay, this one is cheating a little because the inventor was NASA rocket scientist Lonnie Johnson, but he created iRead More: 5 Awesome Things Invented By People You'd Least Expect


LAPTOPS CRID linsh The first portable computer, the GRiD Compass, required hardware and software modifications before it found its way on a spaceshuttSource: NASA


WATER FILTRATION Now standard technology, NASA developed iodine and cartridge filters to ensure clean drinking water for astronauts in the 1970s. CRACSource: USA Today


CAMERAPHONES NASA'S Jet Propulsion Lab created small but powerful cameras to fit on spacecrafts. 1/3 of all cameras use this tech. O CRACKED COM Source: NASA


ARTIFICIALLIMBS NASA'S shock absorbtion and robotic technology are used to develop prostheses. CRACKED COM Source: NASA