26 Ways To Read People's Minds (Just By Looking At Them)

Other people are complicated, and it's pretty easy to go through an entire interaction with someone and still come away feeling confused. Wouldn't it be nice if we could read minds? Here's something even better -- you can read bodies. Turns out you can tell a ton about a person, from their basic personality to the mood they're in right now, just by watching them.

For example:


Wondering if soroeone is connecting with you? Ipok for rirroring. If a person is subconsciously matching your gestures, like your reflection in a mirrSource: Psychology Today


you can figure out sorreone's personality.. By looking at their shoes. REAce LUME New/well-maintained footwear: Anxious and clingy. Practical shoes: ASource: Science Direct


Want to find sorebody sweet? Lpok for sororeone with a sweet tooth. Five different studies showed that people who prefer sugary snacks are more likelySource: NIH


Wondering if a person would rather go ouT or stay in? eaut would Lpok at their handeriting. If a person's handwriting is dark and bold (and bleeds thrSource: ZoomHealth


If you're looking for an honest person... choose the one with orange fingers. Psychiatrist and neurologist Dr. Alan Hirsch says cheese curl eaters havSource: Forbes


Wondering if sornebody's truly interested in what you're saying? Lpok for a head-tilt. If the person you're speaking to tilts their head, leaning theiSource: CNN


Wondering about Sorneone's political leanings? Watch their eye rooveronent. Studies show that a conservative's eyes will stay focused on you, as you'rSource: Science Daily


Rerorerober that strong-faced jock? you're going to want hirn on yoour tear. And not just SO he won't give you a wedgie. Broad-faced, rugged guys are Source: Science Daily


How do you spot insecurity? Lpok at a person's hands. A person who feels strong and confident will spread their fingers wide. Insecurity makes people Source: Psychology Today


Jorreone who wears expensive designer clothes right be rich. CHANEL or they right just be insecure. People who cover themselves in designer labels maySource: Forbes


Need to know if soreone wants to be kissed? Watch their lips. When we're around people we're attracted to, blood flows to our lips and makes them fullSource: Psychology Today


you can tell if a man is attracted to you.. by the length of his gaze. In a study, men looked into the eyes of actresses they considered beautiful forSource: Daily Mail


Think your date is angling for a neck Rub? Not So fast. Neck stroking means a person is stressed, but it doesn't mean 'rub this please. You could beSource: Psychology Today


That jolly red nose could be fror the Sun. Or frorn alcohol. It's called a gin blossom, and is caused by capillaries bursting due to excessive drinkinSource: Web MD


If a woman cradles her baby in her right arrn... She right be depressed. Regardless of right- or left-handedness, it's human instinct to cradle a babySource: Durham University


If you're looking for a Successful moan to hang out with... pick the guy who's clean-shaven. A study in Behavioral Ecology found that beardless men arSource: Source


Wondering if sorrebody has a healthy heart? check out their earlobes. Scientists who analyzed autopsy reports of people who died of heart disease founSource: NIH


Wondering how level- headed soreone is? Have a look at their doodles. If they draw a lot of straight lines, they have an affinity for facts. Curved stSource: Fatema Nooruddin


Trying to decide between swirring and track? check your belly button. People with high belly buttons make good runners, while people with low belly buSource: Discovery


Don't be fooled by a baby face. O Scientists have found that many baby-faced grown-ups, particularly young men, overcompensate by developing tough-guySource: Psychology Today


If you're looking for soreone playful to hang out with... Lpok for somreone leearing orange. Color therapists say that people who are fond of wearing Source: DeepTrance


Want to know if a person is into you? count their blinks. Blinking more than the average 6-10 times per minute is a good indicator that a person is atSource: Psychologist World


Got a lopsided face? you should be in charge. While people with symmetrical features tend to be richer, studies show that people with asymmetrical facSource: The Telegraph


Wondering whether a man is trustweorthy? Take a look at his cheekbones. Scientists in Scotland found that men with wider cheekbones not only cheated mSource: LiveScience


Lost because you can't see sroriles? Think outside the box. There are other ways to spot a friendly face, says psychologist Kathleen Bogart. Listen foSource: Psychology Today


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