12 Strange Things That, Somehow, Happened Very Recently

You might have thought that the flow of weird news stopped with Trump’s removal of office, but you would have been wrong, if so. Apparently, there’s a minimum threshold of weirdness the universe is working hard to meet, at least judging by all this:


Chinese miners trapped in an underground mine are asking for some pork sausages. The eleven miners, who became trapped on January 10 after an underground explosion, received supplies of foods like porridge via a thin tunnel. They were grateful, but said they'd like some pork sausages instead. CRACKED.COM

Source: BBC


The British government issued a statement saying that Boris Johnson does not take daytime naps. A newspaper article claimed that Johnson occasionally has a power executive business nap, but his press secretary later said The prime minister does not have a nap. Those reports are untrue.

Source: Sky News


You can get free weed in a Michigan marijuana dispensary if you've gotten vaccinated against COVID. GREENHOUSE wOSE POTo for akeo Shots papenn It's a promotion called Pot for Shots, and it involves giving a free pre-rolled joint to anyone with written proof that they've gotten the vaccine. CRACKED.COM

Source: Detroit Metro Times


An Oregon guy stole a car, then returned it and gave the owner a parenting lecture. (This is a different kid) A woman left her car running with her 4-year-old inside while she went into the grocery store, and a guy hopped in and took off. Then, still in

Source: Yahoo


We found out that Rudy voted using the same voting method he'd publicly dissed. He voted in Manhattan using a provisional ballot, and he argued that provisional ballots were used by Democrats for voter fraud on a massive scale.

Source: CNN


When they broke up, Ben Affleck threw his cardboard cutout of Ana de Armas in the trash. Ba5 It happened the very same day their breakup made the news. CRACKED COM

Source: Yahoo


Joe Exotic had a private limousine parked half a mile from prison, waiting for him to get pardoned. He had make-up and wardrobe all set and ready, too, and he really wanted to get his hair donec- that was the first thing he wanted to do once he got out

Source: The Independent


Biden's team had to clarify that J-LO's Booty would not be playing at the inauguration. They did make sure to say that J-Lo would be performing something, but refused to say what. CRACKED.COM

Source: Politico


A guy lived in Chicago's O'Hare airport for three months. S 42 Californian Aditya Singh apparently flew into the airport on october 19, then stayed there because he was too afraid of COVID to leave. He stole an airport operation manager's badge, and lived off of the food passengers gave

Source: Chicago Tribune


The woman who stole Nancy Pelosi's laptop wanted to sell it to Russia. That's what an ex of hers claimed in a call to the FBIC adding that she was going to give the laptop to a friend in Russia, who'd then sell it to Russian spies, but that plan

Source: The Guardian


Italian police found a 16th-century painting nobody knew was stolen. POLIZ OLIZIA They arrested a 36-year-old in Naples for receiving stolen goods, and found the painting in a cupboard in his apartment. Nobody had opened the room where it was kept for three months, so the museum that owns it

Source: The Guardian


Cocaine hippos are running wild in Colombia. They're hippos imported to Colombia years ago by drug lord Pablo Escobar, and they've since escaped and started breeding like crazy. They're pooping all over a river basin in massive amounts, which is destroying the basin's ecosystem --sO some scientists are saying we

Source: The Cut

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