14 Inspiring Ways People Are Trying To Improve, Well, Everything

In this world, there’s always room for improvement. And we’re not talking about improving things like phone apps or Star Wars movies. We’re talking about solutions for pollution, space junk, and shoes that can't magically change size. Who doesn't want to live in a world where shoes can change size?!  Well, you're already living in it.  Here are some ways people are making things just a little bit better.


The German grandma building wheelchair ramps with Lego blocks. Rita Ebel wanted to make entering shops and cafes a little easier for wheelchair users



A company in Myanmar is using drones to help restore coastal mangrove forests. As part of the world's efforts to curb climate change, many countries h

Fast Company


Vienna rewards green traveling with culture tokens. In a push to get people to either walk, use bicycles or public transport, the capital of Austria i

Lonely Planet


Beavers are being reintroduceds in parts of Britain to help combat flooding. Beavers can create natural dams to hold water during dry periods, reduce



The guy that started a nonprofit organization to distribute Shoes That Grow. With kids growing out of their shoes every year, Kenton Lee designed a

Because International


The college student who makes transparent masks for people with hearing issues. Ashley Lawrence has been studying education for the deaf and hard of h



Japan is building wooden satellites to clamp down on pollution. Metal satellites release alumina particles when they re-enter and burn through our atm



Car accidents involving animals have gone down in Utah after building a wildlife overpass! The i-80 overpass in Utah has shown to be a safe way for wi

Smithsonian Magazine


A retired school teacher started a mobile library to bring books to kids in Italian rural villages. Antonio La Cava transformed his van into a library



Brazil is offering its prison inmates reduced sentences for reading books. Inmates will be allowed to read up to 12 books a year and write an essay on



Italian football club AS Roma is using FOOTBALL INtTNATONAL MISSING' their social MISSING media campaigns to help find missing children. FOOTBALL CARE



In France, postal workers offer the additional service Of elder care. For an extra fee, postal workers can check in on people's parents and report on

The New Yorker


The Dutch city that transformed its bus stops into bee havens. The city of Utrecht turned 316 of their bus stops into green roofs. These roofs not onl

Lonely Planet


France is rewarding its frontline immigrant workers with fast-track citizenship. Usually an immigrant can apply for citizenship after five years of li