30 Random Facts Found In The Great Fact Library

30 Random Facts Found In The Great Fact Library

Welcome to the Great Fact Library-- I assume you're visiting our “I'm Bored and Waiting in Line Or Something” Location, which is a great one! Please take care to be gentle with the variety facts that you'll find on display here, and do your best not to disturb any of the patrons while you rifle through our catalogue of options. Oh-- There's no organization system or anything, we legit just took a bunch of boxes and dumped them out over the floor. If you're looking for somethings specific, that's not really what we do here. 

Still! There's some interesting stuff all around! Did you know that country stations banned a Garth Brooks song because it dared to imply that being gay is fine? Or that Lynyrd Skynrd got their name making fun of someone from their youth? Or, more important than any of that, what kind of sandwich managed to get smuggled into space?

All this and more in the Great Fact Library! 

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