How hard is it to make a successful comedy? You get some likable characters (…or even deliriously unlikable ones!), get them into a series of misunderstandings and watch the goofs and gags fly! While it would be nice if that's all there is to it, it appears to be a significantly more complicated process. 

“What's funny” can be a controversial enough statement on it's own, just as your parents what they think of the objectively very funny “I Think You Should Leave” – but sometimes disagreements even arise between the creatives and the people with the actual money. See: The studio basically trying to make seminal classic “Office Space” to be a worse movie on virtually every level. 

Then there's all sorts of personal drama and moving pieces! Ugh! Some of the facts below aren't even bad or challenging, just fun facts about a bunch of funny movies and TV shows that we like. 

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