Movies and countless TV shows make the polices' job pretty clear the public-- Investigate crimes, find the bad guys responsible for perpetrating them, and then have them locked up in prison. We all pretty much innately understand that idea… But maybe some of the police involved in the incidents below didn't get the memo? 

The below bumbling goofuses are straight out of a cartoon, chasing around criminals while the Benny Hill theme plays on repeat in the background at a blaring volume. They mix up their paperwork, they mix up orders, and sometimes they just let people out of jail because they're wearing khakis and ask nicely! 

Honestly, I've never been to prison, but this list has shown that it might be easier to Shawshank Redemption your way out of the joint than anyone would want you to believe. Not that I particularly want to try it-- I don't really want to crawl through a sewage pipe for miles. But it's nice to know the option is there if I need it. 

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