30 Facts About the '90s That Eat Our Shorts

30 Facts About the '90s That Eat Our Shorts

How do you describe the ‘90s to someone who wasn’t there? It's was a bit like the ‘80s, with the bad fashion and high hair, but… a little more technologically advanced? Also Bill Clinton was there, and Bart Simpson, and that weird purple and green spray paint pattern that was all over every paper cup you laid eyes on. Okay, so it was basically a slightly ironic and sardonic fever dream-- But a lot of important things happened!   

Google first appeared in the '90s, as well as the equally important block of Nicktoons shows like Ren & Stimpy, Doug, and Rugrats. Sonic the Hedgehog debuted for the first time, eventually exposing an entire generation to strange, sexualised, Lovecraftian fanart.  Also, man, Titanic! Beanie Babies! AOL and the Hamster Dance! Also a bunch of complex political matters that I am not qualified to talk about in this 150 word intro blurb that most people skip over to get to the pictofacts anyway! 

The '90s! 

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