33 Famous People Who Got Busted in the Dumbest Lies

33 Famous People Who Got Busted in the Dumbest Lies

What unites all of the celebrities on this list? You most likely clicked into this listicle after reading the headline, so you've probably already got a pretty good guess-- They all said something that wasn't true and got busted for it! There are lies of all shape and sizes here, some are said to save face and attempt to avoid embarrassment, some are said in a hope to land a job, some are just hoping to look good, others are just some good natured trolling… and the rest are extremely strange and unexplainable. 

Everyone lies. In one way or another, we're all lying basically all of the time. It's the WEIRD lies that really send us into a spiral-- Like why would Vin Diesel say that he was a back up dancer for the Beastie Boys when he never was? Why would Vin Diesel think this would tip the scales of opinion on him in any direction? Vin! We're so confused! 

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