30 Movies That Led To Bad Real Life Tie-In Products

30 Movies That Led To Bad Real Life Tie-In Products

Who doesn't love movies? You get to sit in a dark theater (or in your living room, if you want to make Tom Cruise's blood pressure rise to an unhealthy level), and disappear into a world of fantasy for around 90 minutes to two hours. But why do those fantastical moments have to stay on a silver screen? Wouldn't it be nice if you could have a piece of that movie with you in this real, mortal plane? Like a fun t-shirt to show your fandom, or a collectable figure to display on your desk!

Sure, those things are out there-- But this list doesn't have them. Here we've collected all of the bad ideas for tie-in products that have crawled their way out of marketing hell. Unplayable video games, colognes nobody asked for, and Shrek-related snack products that might actually make you wretch. We really wish a few of these just stayed in the movies. 

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