Monsters belong in stories… Late at night, under a blanket, reading by flashlight about terrible creatures snatching away and eating children; Or in the movies, black and white images of mad scientists cackling over their hideous creations as lightning flashes and thunder cracks. Unfortunately for us, in reality, monsters are just straight up everywhere. Images from the ocean are filled with horrible dead-eyed, sharped teeth creatures that probably wouldn't have any problem eating a human being alive if they ever got the chance. The land isn't safe either! Have you seen bugs? They're abominations! 

This list isn't just filled with terrible animals that live in defiance of god and good morals; There are also several animals that simply behave in monstrous ways out there in the wild. You're never going to look at seagulls the same way once you find out what they do to adorable baby seals. 

Monsters, man. They're everywhere. 

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